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A holistic way to improving your health.

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OMedizen Acupuncture's mission is to empower everyone to heal in a natural environment involving promoting ones' healing process through medical practices of acupuncture, energy bodywork, and many other modalities.  A holistic process inclusive of healthy lifestyle and dietary choices.


OMEDIZEN [awm-med-ee-zen]

  1. OM (AUM), the sacred syllable of Hinduism and represents God or Brahman - the source of all existence representing the three qualities inherent in the Cosmic Vibration:  

           A - represents (Brahma) creation;

           U - represents (Vishnu) Preservation;

           M - represents (Siva) Transmutation .

  2. MEDI, represent the word medicine which is the art, science, or profession of preserving health and of curing or alleviating disease.

  3. ZEN, the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese character "禅" (chan), which in turn is the Chinese translation from the Sanskrit term "dhyana" for meditation.

OMedizen Acupuncture Practitioner ~ Diane Yeh





Sports Injury | Musculoskeletal Pain | Headache | Sciatica | Infertility | Irregular Menstruation | PMS | Common Cold | Arthritis | Menopause | Acne  and more...

16704 International Blvd

SeaTac, WA 98188


Office 206-246-8830

Fax  206-244-4690

Tel  347-559-7232

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